Informative Giveaway Cards

My sons, like many others on the spectrum, have meltdowns.  Oftentimes, these meltdowns occur in public.  We get the stares and the comments.  I got tired of explaining that my son had Autism and what they were witnessing at the time was a meltdown.  I then had to go into further detail on what a […]

I’m done with functioning labels.

I’m finding that recently I’m having difficulty using functioning labels as a descriptor for not only my children, but for others with Autism.  As I get older and more involved on this Autism journey with my kiddos, I noticed I’ve grown more uncomfortable with using “high-functioning” or “severe” when detailing where my children fall on […]

What’s up with the GPS Tracking devices?

Sometime last year following Senator Schumer’s (NY) announcement that the Federal Government was going to release existing funding to cover GPS tracking devices for those with Autism who are prone to wander, I called my local police department to see what was up on these devices and when they were going to get some.  Like […]

Wandering and Autism

Wandering/Elopement is a very real and stressful concern of parents/caregivers of those with Autism.  It has become so common to turn on the news or log onto social media and see that another child or adult with Autism has gone missing.  It is reported that close to 50% of those with Autism will wander (or […]

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

What’s the best out there?  Will my child benefit from one? Last I read, I believe it was stated that about half of those with Autism will be unable to communicate their wants, needs, and thoughts verbally.  This is why AAC strategies are so important for these children, including my own Aidan, who is nonverbal.  […]

Should you join a support group?

Should you join a support group? If you have not yet joined a local support group or one (or several) online support, I suggest that you do so.  I am of the belief that no one person should walk this (Autism) path alone, believe me, I tried and it’s lonely and depressing having no one […]

Autism vs. Autism?

I know I stated in my intro that I’m not all that serious, which is absolutely true, but something has been bothering me these past few weeks leading up to this year’s Autism Awareness Month.  The apparent divide caused by this yearly month of Awareness has me more confused now than ever and I thought […]