10 Important things for Neurotypicals to Remember

I would like to know what other’s think about this.  I neither fully disagree with this, nor do I fully agree with this.  I just don’t really know what I feel about this, and I do not, at this time have any desire to dissect this bit by bit because…well, I just don’t want to right now, and I may not ever.  I have no real way to articulate my thoughts on this so for now, it’s here for y’all.  Enjoy it, share it…or don’t.

10 Important things for Neurotypicals to Remember
– written by Autisticopal on Tumblr:
1. Autism is not a disease, an illness, or an epidemic. It is a neurotype and we are people. Please do not infantalize us or use language that implies that Autism causes suffering – it does not.
2. Autism can not be cured and does not need to be cured. Because it affects the way our brains develop from childhood wildly, the only way to ‘cure autism’ would be to give us a new brain, changing us.
3. Please, do not use ‘high functioning’ or ‘low functioning’ labels for us. Please, do not call us mild or extreme. We are all autistic. You simply experience it less or more. We don’t. Symptoms may vary, and some may seem more ‘extreme’ to you, but it does not make anyone more autistic or less autistic.
4. We are not puzzle pieces to be solved. Please do not use this imagery with us.
5. Autism Speaks, while the most known Autistic organization in North America, advocates to murder us. Do not support them or “Autism Awareness Month” (associated with them) or “Light It Up Blue” (associated with them). Alternatives are Autism Acceptance Month and‪#‎walkinred, both created by the autistic community.
6. Unless it is putting us or others in danger, stimming is healthy and increases happiness and decreases stress in us. Do not tell us to have ‘quiet hands’. Due to sensory issues, stimming is a necessity. If you care about us, you can even ask us what stimming we like and support us by being respectful of that!
7. Applied Behavior Anaylsis or “ABA” therapy is widely hated by the Autistic community. We know many of you have been taught and think that it helps us “fit in” or “be normal” – we don’t need to be. We know many of you thinks it helps us stop “being in pain” or “feeling sad” – the only pain we feel from being nonverbal, stimming, etc, is pain from not being accommodated. ABA is abusive, has been known to cause PTSD, and is basically dog-training for humans.
8. We might sometimes have communication errors. What does this mean? Sometimes, it means we can’t talk, or we can talk, but with limited abilities to. Sometimes it means we say things that sound like one thing but mean another thing. Sometimes it means we can’t find the words we need and end up using ones that give meanings that aren’t intended. Sometimes, it means we use words differently than you do. Almost always, it means you have to be careful and not grow angry or impatient with us when we can’t communicate as well as you would like us to.
9. Many sensory things can be painful or repulsive. Fluorescent lights are a no-go, and fans can be frustrating for some Autistic people. That being said, please understand when we are having sensory problems. Do not try to force us to eat foods or do sensory things we do not like. Do not tell us we are overreacting. Accommodate us.
10. Identity first language! That’s right, we prefer “Autistic people”, not people with autism. There are a few cases, and in those ones, please respect their choices. However, the community as a whole likes identity first, as Autism is the way our brain is structured and affects every aspect of us!


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