Random Lessons Learned

I feel like my mind never turns off.  I think about any and everything throughout the day and night.  Some of it good and insightful, much of it is garbage, I admit, lol.  But those few good thoughts I have throughout the day that have to do with Autism I often share (mostly in a journal) because they are often revelations that help me in the future.  They are my “Eureka” moments, my “lessons learned,” my “why didn’t I think of that (sooner)” thoughts I come back too.  I’m going to share some of those random gems that have helped me throughout my journey with Autism.  I’ll continue to add to them as more “pop” up :-).


***Another day, another ARD. Had another parent ask me how I didn’t find it depressing when they tell you your son’s IQ is below 70. I did. At one point in my life. I don’t anymore. I don’t view IQ as some definitive measure of one’s true intelligence, but that’s me. I see it as a means to determine how quickly one attains and retains knowledge, not an indicator of dumb or smart. For example, it may take your son no time at all to figure out 2+2, then they move on to 4+4….by the time my son grasps 2+2 your kiddo may be onto their times tables. But my kid still learned 2+2, he is up to 4+4 now. He may learn slower, but he can still learn.

We are all lifelong learners. Some learn faster than others, some slower, but we still learn.

That is just how I feel though, there are tons of folks with higher (and lower) IQs that may disagree, lol.***


***Nonverbal doesn’t mean unable to understand or unintelligent…it simply means they cannot speak. There are several other ways to communicate other than spoken words. I’m focusing on those other ways. I got to hear his voice a few times, hubs got to hear the “uh ohs” and “byes” when he was younger. I’m now okay with never hearing it again.

He needs to be able to communicate, but it doesn’t need to be spoken language. I have let that dream of mine go, and now that I have, I feel a lot better. A shift from teaching in a manner geared towards what I dreamed for him to teaching in a manner consistent with what he’s able to do and comprehend. I feel no more pressure. I know he will thrive more this way.***


***Your child is still your child. You’ll always be the leading authority on your child. Their personality, strengths and difficulties, and likes and dislikes. Your child has a long road ahead of them, and every day is an opportunity for you to positively impact their prognosis.***


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