Family Time x2

We recently moved to east Texas and while I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy our time here I cannot deny that it is absolutely gorgeous on this side of the state.  Being that my husband is from this area, he wanted to take us to Washington on the Brazos, which is a piece of history enclosed within a state park.  Lots of historical buildings and museums to check out within the park.  So being the nerd that I am, naturally I was excited.  My youngest who is a history buff like his daddy, was also excited.  He had been wanting to go for weeks and we finally found the time to make it out there.

Attempt One:  We get there around 4:30pm…the park doesn’t close til sundown (which isn’t until several hours later) so we think we have enough time to go check out some history.  Well, as soon as we pull into the park, Aidan starts up crying.  I brace myself for it to continue but I’m hoping that he will stop once we get parked.  It doesn’t.  We check to see if he has gone to the bathroom or if he needs to go to the bathroom.  No to both.  As soon as we try to cross the street to make our way to the visitor center, he falls out in the street.  Kicking, screaming, biting, hitting, rolling around, etc.  My husband had to physically pick him up (which is no easy feat being that he is like close to 100 pounds) and take him across the street.  He was still screaming and crying his little head off.  Snot crying.  I just wanted to grab our things and leave at this point.

People were staring and after about 15 minutes of this, a man came and asked us if everything was alright.  I can’t tell if he was asking because he was genuinely concerned or if he felt we were trying to kill our child and wanted to make sure we weren’t successful in our attempts.  I’m always on guard with strangers because I never know what they are going to do or say.   Eventually I said that I would take Aidan back to the car and just wait in there while everyone else could just go check out the center and the museum.  My husband said that he would do that and that I could go.  I reluctantly agreed and my son, sister, and I headed to the visitor center which was now closed because we were dealing with Aidan.  I was disappointed but I was hurt when I saw that my youngest was hurt because he couldn’t go in.  We ended up leaving and I made it a point to make my youngest feel better about the trip not going well.

Attempt Two:  I got up really early the next morning and I made it my mission to try to make this park trip a success.  So I got everyone else up…teeth brushed, contacts, change clothes…out the door.  I was counting on Aidan being still kind of sleep that he wouldn’t really have the energy to want to throw a fit at the park, and generally he is calm early mornings.  Yeeeaaaaah, didn’t work.  He pitched a fit at the park around 8 in the morning.

And the museum and visitor center was closed because it was the 4th of July, but you’re still able to walk around and look at the historical sites and buildings, you just aren’t able to go inside.  Aidan screamed and cried and didn’t want to walk.  It was just as bad as the day before…but my husband didn’t want to give up.  He wanted him (Aidan) to muddle through whatever was going on and make it through the trail.  I just wanted to hide.  Aidan did his usual “kick his shoes” off thing.  He did everything he could to get out of a situation he did not desire to be in.  And I probably contributed to this behavior by leaving every time he gets like that, but I just don’t have it in me to combat this anymore (or at least not right now).  We had to hold him up to walk, let him walk without his shoes, took tons of breaks, walked off without him (he wasn’t far behind, and he would eventually run to catch up with us), etc, but what we did not do was go back to the car.  It took him awhile, but he eventually calmed down and walked the trail.  It was a hot and exhausting morning, but I’m glad we toughed it out and stayed.  I didn’t get many pictures because of all the activity going on but I got a few.

There was a little playground at the park and while they didn’t slide down the slide, they did sit up there for a little while.


The youngest Josiah, finally happy he got to at least walk the trail and look in some of the windows of the old houses.  Goofy faces always make me happy. 


Me, hot as heck, and before Aidan decided he wanted to scream his way out of family time. 



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