You got United Healthcare? You may want to check into this…

As it currently stands, there’s an autism mandate for ABA coverage here in Texas, yet our insurer, United Healthcare (or better yet, our group plan under UHC) has chosen to opt out of the mandate leaving us bottoms out when it comes to obtaining this evidence-based therapy. I argue with them and others, made plans to figure how best to bring this issue of adequate coverage to the forefront and this news comes out. As far as I can tell, there is still some ways out of providing coverage for ABA therapy under United, they can still expressly exclude ABA therapy…but I hope they look at the market and the demand for such a service and see that this is worth it to so many families, including mine. I was going to start paying out of pocket for it, and I still plan on doing so, but I am hoping that our group plan chooses not to exclude this type of coverage….they raise our premiums every enrollment period, the least they can do is raise some coverage as well.

Off to do more research on this and prepare myself for more phone calls.

This is something that I am definitely passionate about seeing come to fruition, the accessibility and affordability of evidence-based therapeutic solutions for those with Autism.



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