What Autism Community?

Y’all do know there’s a whole ‘nother side to Autism than just high functioning right?  Y’all do know that all your hoopin’ and hollerin’ about a celeb”s claims of curing Autism being a disservice to the community is bogus, coming from many of y’all?  Considering that y’all view Autism through the scope of your own experiences….HUGE disservice to this community.  I don’t see many of y’all help those of us who reach out for help, for understanding, for guidance.  You really only see a reaction from the community when someone steps out line, gets out of place, etc. (a celeb talking cure, a parent wanting a cure, or residential placement).  Autism isn’t all personality quirks and social awkwardness.  Autism’s severity scale isn’t governed by the amount of comorbid conditions one may have.  Autism can be overwhelming and isolating.  Many of you, because you only view Autism through the lens of your own perspectives are incapable of accepting that others don’t view it as some integral part of who we are.  And because of your limited scope, you condemn those who don’t share your views, and you hurt them with your words.  You don’t help them and you don’t guide them.  We can’t count on a community of support to help us because we have loved ones who reside on a part of the spectrum that is often forgotten about, or not cared enough about.  Take your pick.

Why so moved to act with fervent fingers of anger and a flurry of shared posts because a celebrity you don’t know said something you don’t agree with?  But not moved to act because a mom who has been operating on two hours of sleep with a child twice her size who is bruised from being hit by him constantly?  Why not moved to act because a dad is so overwhelmed by his child’s behaviors that his work is suffering?  Why not moved to act because a couple’s 8 year old is banging his head over a hundred times in two hours?  Why not moved to understand the challenges of the person with severe Autism and their families?  You’re quick to hear, “I would never put my child in a home, no matter how bad it got,” or, “there has to be something else wrong with him,” “you’re not trying hard enough,” “you have to reach him or her,” “think about how they (your child) feels,” “if you feel that way about your child, no wonder you’re having such a hard time with him,” etc.  Why not moved to act upon knowing that there are barely any supports and services as a child, but hardly any when they’re adults?  Why not moved to act knowing that there are an innumerable amount of families either going bankrupt for services their insurance doesn’t cover or they’re simply going without?  Why not moved to act because insurances are able to opt out of mandates to cover Autism services?  But y’all up in arms because a celebrity states her child doesn’t show any signs of Autism.  Again, no real help, no real solutions, no real support.

I vented enough.  Let me get back to doing what I do best, trying to find the best ways to not only help my boys, but help others.  Meeting with Hubs’ employer’s benefits coordinator about ABA services being covered, turned in my application for appointment to some disability councils with the state of Texas (fingers crossed, hoping I get one or both of them), getting my Master’s in ABA Therapy, and because my insurance doesn’t cover ABA, I schlep myself and these kiddos to ABA centers to talk to them about what all I can do at home for my kids, for free…I take what I learn and I pass it on to others who are in the same boat as we are.

I want to be about actual help for all individuals with Autism, not just those on the higher end of the spectrum.  I want to channel my energy and efforts into real change.


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