My Son Carried A Bottle of Juice…

​This may look like just a picture of a child carrying some juice, but this is a picture that means so much to me. This child of mine who has fought every single trip outside of the house, melted down at every single store, park, and museum we have attempted to visit this summer is carrying a bottle of juice. THIS IS BIG. 
He has not slept well in the past few months, and he screams for hours each day. He just hasn’t been his super happy self. I told myself that we weren’t going to give up on him, my husband said that we weren’t going to give up on him. I have worked so hard, everyday, and everyday I have felt like a failure. 
This day, my child woke up late because I figured out he isn’t comfortable in his bed and isn’t sleeping well, so I adjusted. Fixed the bed and even laid with him. 
This day my child didn’t fight me brushing his teeth because I was calmer and more patient with him. 
This day he got into the tub on his own because I didn’t try to help him in. 
This day he actually sat down in the tub because I realized he just wanted to be in there without brother. 
This day he used his communication book for the restroom because I have spent every single day prior to this one making sure he used it before he wanted me to do anything. I stayed with it, no matter how impatient I got, no matter how frustrated.
This day he went into the grocery store without incident because I let him walk more on his own, I let him push the buggy and pick his own foods. He wore his headphones and his chewy. He held my hand when he wanted to hold my hand. 
This day he helped me take the juice out of the car, I asked him like I always do, not expecting him to do so, I honestly never thought he understood the request but I ask anyways. This day, this picture of my son carrying a bottle of juice means the world to me. 
And to think this may have all started because we all got a good night’s sleep. 
Tomorrow we tackle keeping his shoes and socks on.


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