May have found the one…

Communication app, that is. 
Think I have found our perfect communication app for OUR family. It’s called CoughDrop. It’s available on the Triple A devices (Android, Apple, and Amazon). You can customize the picture boards, make multiple boards, use your own images if you so choose to, and set your own speech to the pics. 
You set up a profile, state your primary use for the app and after you’re a subscriber you can share your login with other caregivers, therapists, teachers, etc. They then can create their own boards. You are able to create, edit, and save your boards on a desktop and then sync them to your other devices. They will then get the updated versions of your boards (or new boards). The app will also work offline. Whatever boards you have saved you will be able to use without a connection to the internet. 
To the nitty-gritty, the pricing. You get to test drive the app for free for 30 days. Afterwards, the subscription is $200 for a five year license or just $6 a month. I know I probably can’t swing the two hundred right now with school shopping and supplies draining me out, but I definitely know I can do 6 dollars a month. What is also really great about this app is that should you, for whatever reason not be able to afford your subscription down the line, they allow you to apply for a sponsorship to help you out. That is pretty awesome. 
Lastly, one of the creators/Ceo reaches out to you personally after you set up your account, or at least he did to me, and I’m still on the free trial. He checked to see how I liked the app, if I had any questions, and if I would like to set up a Web meeting with him to help me navigate through the app. We went back and forth via email for a little bit. He has a child with Autism who is nonverbal and the developer also has a child with autism who is also nonverbal. They get it. They understand the world of the communication apps and costs, etc, and they have their own kiddos to model the apps on. 
I feel like I’m doing an infomercial for them or something. I am NOT being paid, lol. I literally have tried dozens of apps. I just really like this app and how affordable it can be for families, the ability for others to make boards, the syncing options, the fact they assist those who can’t pay, how it’s available on pretty much every device (hello $50 Kindle, Amazon, cop one) and their reaching out to me personally. 
If you’re looking for a communication app, give CoughDrop a try. 
*****In the image I mixed real pics with images the app already has. I created the labels myself, and you can use your own voice or the computer generated voice. I opted for the computer voice. You can type whatever it is that you want the picture to say. For example, for the “tooth pain” image, it doesn’t say “tooth pain,” I have it say, “my tooth hurts.”*****


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