I’m not much of a doer, not much inspires me to act, to get involved, to be a part of “something bigger,” mostly because my personality, quirks, and overall anxiety serve as a giant block to my inner can-do spirit.  Involvement involves people, actual work, and oftentimes rejection.  Three things I don’t handle well at all.  However, I just turned 30 this year and as part of my entering a new decade, I’m attempting to try out a new me.  More doer, less dreamer.  First order of business, more advocacy for my children, and for others with Autism and other special needs.  I’m generally very effective on a small scale at getting what I need for my kiddos, however I’m now presented with new challenges that accompany my rapidly aging children and a newly diagnosed high functioning kiddo I never saw coming.  I am ill prepared for such a “battle.”  I read more, learn more, and in doing so, I’ve committed myself to doing more.  I don’t know how much I am able to help others, but I will try my best to do so.  Like many of my other postings, I write mainly to free my mind of clutter, and it’s my journal of things to come, things I’ve done, and what I need to accomplish.  Should you find anything on this page useful in your journey with Autism, please share, comment, send me some information, whatever.  




I have written about Wandering and Autism and the link to those two posts are here and here.  I have included some information on how to obtain GPS tracking devices and some information on where to go for more ways to help minimize the risk of wandering in your loved one with Autism.


One of the things that has always irked me is insurance companies unwillingness to cover evidence-based therapies such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)…in the case of my insurer, United Healthcare, they claim that this therapy with well over 20 years of science and evidence backing it’s effectiveness for many is “experimental” and therefore they wouldn’t cover it.  I am working on measures to fight this (more on this to come in the near future), but in the mean time I have resolved myself to pay for this therapy out of pocket…and then United Healthcare comes out with the news that they will now be covering ABA as a standard benefit.  There may still be loopholes and whatnot but this is something that I am going to be looking into.  Check the link more information.


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