The 5 Minute Shower

I took a five minute shower today, with the shower door open and my oldest running back and forth in the locked bathroom. As I stood towards the back of the shower, I took what was probably the millionth glance at my son to make sure he wasn’t trying to make a run for it, […]

The Un-Prescription for Aidan

Onto my next treatment venture with the kid(s), treating the underlying medical issues that I believe to be the cause of most of their behavioral issues. For myself, also a fellow spectrumite (my word, I coined it, I think, don’t try to snag it, lol), I have always felt that for those with Autism the […]

Shifting Focus…

I have been considering homeschooling, and/or a 40 hr per week intensive therapeutic program…nixing academia altogether for right now and focusing on what I feel really matters. I send my boys to school each day and I find myself wondering if it’s even worth it. Especially for Aidan. They are spending 8 hours day learning […]

May have found the one…

Communication app, that is.  Think I have found our perfect communication app for OUR family. It’s called CoughDrop. It’s available on the Triple A devices (Android, Apple, and Amazon). You can customize the picture boards, make multiple boards, use your own images if you so choose to, and set your own speech to the pics.  […]

My Son Carried A Bottle of Juice…

​This may look like just a picture of a child carrying some juice, but this is a picture that means so much to me. This child of mine who has fought every single trip outside of the house, melted down at every single store, park, and museum we have attempted to visit this summer is […]

What Autism Community?

Y’all do know there’s a whole ‘nother side to Autism than just high functioning right?  Y’all do know that all your hoopin’ and hollerin’ about a celeb”s claims of curing Autism being a disservice to the community is bogus, coming from many of y’all?  Considering that y’all view Autism through the scope of your own […]

Just Give Me A Day…

Just give me a day… where I don’t feel bad about hating your cutesy poems about how Autism has made your child unique and special. A day where I can scream f*ck you to your declarations about how it’s made you a more patient parent, and enhanced your life in every way. A day to […]

You got United Healthcare? You may want to check into this… As it currently stands, there’s an autism mandate for ABA coverage here in Texas, yet our insurer, United Healthcare (or better yet, our group plan under UHC) has chosen to opt out of the mandate leaving us bottoms out when it comes to obtaining this evidence-based therapy. I argue with them and others, made […]

Family Time x2

We recently moved to east Texas and while I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy our time here I cannot deny that it is absolutely gorgeous on this side of the state.  Being that my husband is from this area, he wanted to take us to Washington on the Brazos, which is a piece of history […]